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An Annual BLoodbath

What is Blood N Guts?

Created in October 2018, Blood N Guts is the second of two annual Run N Gun Film 48 Hour Filmmaking Competitions. Blood N Guts focuses on the horror genre while keeping all the rules Run N Gun. Due to the popular demand, Blood N Guts 2019 will be bigger, bolder and bloodier.

Run N Gun was the perfect testing ground to level-up my filmmaking skills in a competition setting. The final gala itself was beyond my wildest dreams. To see your work acknowledged by both peers and mentors alike - it’s ended up opening doors for me as a filmmaker - from companies reaching out wanting to offer resources for future projects, to filmmakers I admire wanting to watch our film.
— Jaymee Mak, Best Film Winner, RNG 2019

Blood N Guts 2019 Rules & Info



Blood N Guts: 48 Hour Horror Competition starts October 11th at 7:00pm when contestants will be given 3 surprise elements that must be incorporated into their films. The finished films must be delivered October 13th by 7:00pm. Late submissions will not be considered for prizes. Delivery will be done in person at a location TBA.


To keep this competition true to the 48 hour format each team will be given three random elements at the start of the 48 hours. These elements could be anything from an object, location, line of spoken dialogue, character etc. The effective use of these elements will be part of the judging process.

Important Dates

Competition Dates: October 11th to 13th.

The Finals Screening / Awards / After Party : October 27th at 6pm (19+ Only)
The top 14 films (chosen by a pre-screening Jury) + the Semi Finals Audience Choice Film will play at the Rio Theatre on October 27th. Tickets will go on sale the week after the competition. Each team with a film in this screening will receive two complimentary tickets.

The Quarter Finals / Semi Finals Screening: October 22nd 7pm-11pm (19+ Only)
A fun night of watching the films that didn’t make the top 14 from the pre-screening jury. Two screenings for the price of one. Winner of Audience Choice from this screening will join the Finalist screening October 27th. Each team with a film in this screening will receive two complimentary tickets.

The following must be done in the 48 hours:

  • Writing the Script

  • Costume/Set Design

  • Shooting

  • Editing

  • Sound Design

  • Rendering

  • Output to final video file

  • Delivering final product

The following can be done prior to the 48 hours:

  • Organizing Crew

  • Organizing Cast

  • Sourcing Equipment

  • Location Scouting



  • All entrants must be residents of British Columbia.

  • All films must be shot in British Columbia within the 48 hours of the festival.

  • Entrants cannot be employees of This is a Spoon Studios

  • Minors can participate but can’t attend the screening due to theatre restrictions. Trust me this breaks our hearts too :(


  • Regular entry fee: $95

  • Post Secondary Students: $65 (Screening is 19+)

  • Middle & High School Students: $40 (Screening is 19+)

No refunds available after September 30th, but you can substitute a team in your place.

There’s only 2 things I look forward to every year, Run N Gun.....and Christmas
— Heather Perluzzo (2018 RNG Finalist)


All films must be written, shot and edited in the 48 hours allotted. In order to ensure this, each filmmaker must incorporate the three surprise elements in their films. Failure to do so will result in disqualification. If one of the elements include a prop, the prop must be on screen for a minimum of 5 consecutive seconds.

There will be a MANDATORY DIRECTORS MEETING on Friday October 11th at 6pm that will be live on YouTube where you can ask questions and the secret elements will be revealed. The private link will be given to you after you’ve signed up for the competition.

Late entries will be reviewed and could be shown at the event but they are ineligible to win prizes.

Horror and genre films are encouraged at this festival.

Finished films must be UNDER 5 MINUTES, that’s including credits. We want to show as many films as possible so keep it short and sweet. You may not show the completed film publicly prior to the screening on Saturday May 25th.

FINALS SCREENING & AWARDS GALA ("The Runnies") +19 only

At the end of the competition all teams are invited to the Rio Theatre for an awards gala on October 27th where the the top 14 films + Wildcard film will play and awards will be given for the following categories: Best Film, Best Student Film, Best Performance, Best Cinematography, Best Writing, Best Directing, Best Editing, Audience Choice, etc.


The other films will be part of the quarter finals / semi-finalists screening (depending on number of participants) happening at 7pm and 9pm on October 22nd at the Rio Theatre.

Each team gets two complementary tickets to the screening that contains their film.


  • Each award winner will receive a official Blood N Guts plaque.

  • The prize pool is a growing prize pool based on the number of entries and sponsors. Prizes will include cash prizes, rental credits, and more.

  • This competition is not for profit. The more people who enter, the bigger the prizes get.


An outside panel will select the top films based on quality & entertainment value. This panel will be a panel of at least 5 film savvy industry professionals not related to the contest.

The jury will rate each film on how well they use their 48 hour elements as well as craft categories including: Best Film, Best Student film, Best Performance, Best Ensemble, Best Cinematography, Best Writing, Best Directing, Production Design, Scariest Film, etc. All tie breakers go to the film that uses the best of the 48 hour elements.


Final films must be delivered as a high resolution digital file. We would love a ProRes 422 1920x1080 .MOV. But any MOV, MP4, H.264 or AVI works for us, the higher resolution the better, but please submit anything higher than 1080p.

Films can be delivered to ( or delivered in person at (location TBD) 7:00pm on Sunday October 13th!


  • Final film under 5 minutes (including credits)

  • Release submission form

  • Completed submission survey (will be sent at beginning of competition, but you’ll need to include your credits synopsis etc in this survey)

  • One (1) behind the scenes clip of the making of (can be shot on a phone)


By entering a film in the Run N Gun: 48 Hour Film Competition, you are giving permission for This is a Spoon Studios to project your film at the Awards Screening Gala as well as giving permission to posting the videos on the This is a Spoon website and YouTube Channel via unlisted YouTube video (if you’ve chosen to opt in). By entering the contest you are declaring that you have releases for all actors, music, locations, art clearances etc.

A release form will be required for teams to sign prior to commencement.


No liability or responsibility is assumed by This is a Spoon Studios. The team agrees to defend, indemnify, and hold harmless This is a Spoon Studios Ltd. their employees, officers, sponsors, and judges from and against any and all claims arising from, or in connection with, my / our submission. The filmmakers shall be solely responsible for taking all necessary steps to established protect and and all copyright associated with their films.


If you'd like to work with UBCP actors on your 'Blood N Guts or Run N Gun' film, UBCP recommends that you contact UBCP/ACTRA at least 5 business days prior to shooting so they can help facilitate the process.

Because the scripts won’t be prepared ahead of time (thereby creating the possibility of stunts on the day of shooting), the cost of Accident on Set (AoS) insurance will be the stunt rate of $50 per Union Member, per day.

The producer in the team must reach out to UBCP at least 5 business days before shooting to send in an application (includes the application form on the website, cast list, crew list, and budget). This is important as it is difficult to have the insurance in place with last minute applications.

All Union Members (Background, Apprentice, and Full) will need to be covered by AoS insurance (at the rate noted above)

If the teams have any questions, please have them reach out to one of the ULB administrators or visit:

Hands down the best indie film-making competition in Vancouver. Brings the whole community together in the most fun and exciting way, can’t wait for the next one!!
— Annabel Maclean (Best Actress BNG 2018)
As an actress I had so much fun shooting a Run N Gun movie. The unknown and having to be prepared for anything in moments notice was exhilarating. Would definitely do it again!
— Katerina Corleone Ptolemaios Kochanska (actress)
A great experience overall, loved having an excuse to just make something without overthinking it!
— Anaïsa Visser (RNG 2019/2017 finalist)
Never a dull moment on the big screen when it comes to what the Run N Gun Contestants put together. There is a huge essence of support from every single person attending, from the organizers to the audiences. I highly recommend everyone to attend and be involved in some way, you will never be disappointed.
— Roberto Gutierrez (RNG 2019 Actor)

Past Winners

Blood N Guts 2018


Congratulaions to all the winners of Blood N Guts 2018!

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Best Film - Influenced

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Best Director - Ryan Curtis - Autumn 2008

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Scariest Film - The Cull